Today's work and Past works. This is new project "Theater in your head".

Today's work and Past works. 

This is new project "Theater in your head".

Every day, I upload it on youtube.

The project is a spin-off of "Theater in your head". music and photo by Masashi Isai.

If you see photo and listen to sounds, you began to see movie in your head.

Everyday, I'll upload it.I hope you like it!


The project originally started by my friend"Jean-Marc Forax" and me.

He named the project "Theater in your head"!

・Jean-Marc Forax

We'll organizing a exhibition about Japanese matsuri festival"Uchiwa matsuri" @ La Galerie Elizabeth Couturier (Lyon France) on April 2019.

・Uchiwa matsuri

・La Galerie Elizabeth

Our arts are sounds and drawings about "Uchiwa matsuri". If you see our arts, you began to see movie about it in your head.

I hope you like it!

See you tomorrow.

Masashi Isai